Thursday, June 9, 2011

A year ago today- June 9th

Remember I am doing a two month series about our trip to Ecuador.
Join us over at my other blog to see more about our second day with little G.
This is the blog where it all started.
I continue to keep this as a place where I talk more about my personal journey.

I would like to share with you that my oldest daughters divorce was final yesterday.
After four short years of marriage.
I never imagined that the 8th of June would be a day filled with such emotion. the one year anniversary of meeting our little G and this.......
I thank God for teaching about his grace and mercy.
that I learned a real, deep faith through our adoption journey to apply to my reality only one short year later.
He dispenses what we need each day.
Its new every morning.
I am living proof of this.
I know that there are much harder situations than this.
Please forgive me if I seem petty.
But this is hard.
Its so painful.
I am human,
scared of the future
messing it all up
Just leaning on the Lord and his word for direction.
begging for forgiveness when I fall oh so short.

I pray that our story continues to have impact on the kingdom.
I want to be real
life sometimes looks very different than what we expected.
I am learning grace and mercy.
Its all grace......

Under His wings,


  1. Sending you love today as your emotions are so very all over the map.Joy and sadness.They can dwell beside each other... with the help of our awesome God.But you already know that.

    I cannot believe how long it has been that we have been following each others journey...when G was just a dream and now look ... the reality of never stop believing... in the flesh,beautiful girl!!

  2. Sometimes we do suffer loss and that is hard to do gracefully. That's why the Spirit is beside us the daily guide to turn to when we need that extra push. I tell my Ella--breathe through your nose and calm down so mommy can understand you. But sometimes I too need to take that breath.

    May Blessings always out-weigh sorrows.

  3. All I can say is "Blessings to You" as you travel THIS road, too, remembering you are STILL in the palm of His hand...

    (((( hugs )))

  4. You are so right... life often looks very different than what we expect. His plans are often different than ours. So grateful that He dispenses what we need each day! So happy you shared with us! :)

  5. Stopping by from Sneak Peek Fridays... what an emotional day of memories. Just wanted to send some hugs and blessings to you~ God is good!


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