Thursday, June 9, 2011

A year ago today- June 10

This day started somewhat similar to the previous day.
E.A.R.L.Y. Wink wink.
We arrived at the orphanage to get little G bathed,dressed and fed for the day. Papa did much of the hands on. The two of them have "a thang going on". I know there are many reasons. She was raised primarily by women, the tias. They are the disciplinarians too. Men are rare and often the volunteers that come and go have men that are like Santa Clause to the children. Playing rough and tumble "I love you." games. Your men do that right?! Ive always said that the boys have a different love language. Tickle me, roll on the floor like puppies type of love. Little G was 42 dense pounds. She was wearing 3T clothes my friend. Thats a small package for alot of weight. He could lug her around much easier than I could.
We loaded up in the taxi to go to our apt for a visit. We introduced G to her home away from home. We introduced her to our room, toys, bathroom and a visit to the neighbors downstairs. We hadnt even formally met them.
I was brought to tears that God has picked this place for us to stay. Barely a week before our trip these plans fell into place. You can see the downstairs neighbors have an adult child with Down Syndrome. Then we were off to the carolina park for some bonding and supervision by the psychologist.
Walking around the park, enjoying the water boats.... the mall to eat lunch and meander.Im not sure when this clothing change occurred. I know that she fell asleep in the orphanage van as Tio Oscar took us out on the town to purchase a cell phone.We went to Baby Mundo in the mall to purchase a few things.
The psychologist surprised us by telling us that we could take G back to the apt for a nap and to play.
And get this.....
they said if she did well
she could stay the night with us.
REALLY?! on Day three?
We knew the bonding process takes 4 days on paper.
But were prepared for it to take a week or longer in reality.
I didnt know it could happen like this.
It felt so good tho to not having others following us around and to just be allowed to rest and let the relationship happen.
Of course she did well.
she really seemed better prepared for this than I was.
They had prepared a letter for us to carry in my backpack in case we were ever questioned about her.
We signed on the dotted line and were off to enjoy the afternoon/ evening.
Which included Christians birthday.(our hosts son)

Little G getting to know Andrea at the mirror in the Entry of our hosts home.

Little G meeting Sandra's sister Sylvia, and Sylvia's beautiful daughter Pamela for the first time. As you can see we needed another clothing change for the birthday party! ha ha!

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