Monday, June 27, 2011

a busy weekend!!!

Im glad its Monday so we can slow down a bit! The weekend was full!!!What great times and memories.We started off Saturday taking little G out to pick blueberries. Lets just say she was not impressed.
Happy faces as we walk out to the field and taste our first berries from the bush.

My little Ecuadorian princess is NOT used to the Florida heat and humidity. She whimpered and whined after the first 20 mins. I made sure she was sitting in a shade spot where a little breeze would blow in every now and again.

Lets just say she earned the title Drama Queen with a capitol D.
She layed down on the ground and sobbed like a baby.(she rarely cries!)
Pit-i-ful.(I did have to get a pic of it though.)
thankfully she recovered enough,
just barely Im sure,
to walk up to the gazebo and sit in a chair under the fan to wait on papa to fill our second bucket.
Poor papa. He picked 3/4 of the 15 lbs that day. I want to get out a few more times.Only little G will stay home with her brother.wink wink.

We got home and fed her lunch and was going to put her down for a nap when E called to be picked up from camp. Thank God we were home. They said theyd call and it would be between 3 and 4. He called at 1:30 telling me to be up at the church at 2. It takes 20 mins to get to the church. So we loaded up and went to pick him up. Napped little G and joined some friends out at Ft Pickens for supper.

The food and fellowship was great.
As you can see they are Gator Fans.
We got a kick out of her saying "go gator go gator go gator go gator."she was pointing out each and every item with the emblem on it!
Little G has another set of grandparents now.
She even fed them grapes for dessert!
What incredible people.
We are blessed.
this was just Saturday...... Ill spare you the rest! ha ha!
(just Church, a baby shower, and playing in the pool for Sunday supper!)
I remain,
Under His wings,

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