Monday, June 13, 2011

A year ago today- June 13

Eating breakfast together.......

Oh, Sunday was my favorite day of the week while staying in Ecuador.
I have to tell you that each week was a new adventure. Marco was off work and we all loaded up in Sylvias truck and had such a grand time together!Today we made a huge circle....Otavalo- big market, Cotapaxi- looking in stores at the leather goods, Ibarra for Helado (ice cream). Much eating was done. At home we attend church every Sunday. We tried really hard to make it to church a few times but it never happened, its odd when you consider what a huge role it plays in our life at home.
Each morning little G has such a good time playing in the bath. We purchased a big green laundry tub at Megapica to put in the shower for G to bathe in each day. She LOVED splashing and I enjoyed lathering her up with sweet smelling soaps.

This evening after our travels she watched her signing time videos and then we went down to eat a sort of oatmeal drink. Its served warm. Whole milk and the oatmeal pureed with cinnamon.
Little G drank more than I did.
Its something I miss and need to learn how to make......

Just in case you were wondering....
this is what weve been up to.
Little G was terrified of the pool in Ecuador.
We are hoping by the end of the summer she will be comfortable in the water
Maybe even swimming????
Son has a pool at his apartments so we were there to swim with him and his fiance twice over the weekend.
like usual I am behind the camera and not in any of the photos.
But I know you dont come over here to see me!

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  1. Well you know how it is.....your daughter is just too cute :) Love seeing a year ago. What a great journey full of soo much.


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