Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Yall come back ya hear?!

Dont forget: Ive been posting "A year ago today" over at my other blog! This is what we saw out the apt window- a year ago today. Isnt it amazing!

I cant wait to post a few paintings Ive been working on.
I joined a Art/ faith community and its been such an encouragement.
They talk about books that encourage creativeness and faith.
Share their work.
I have had a hard time.
Learning to love me,
who God created me to be.
I struggle with not doing things
Because of perfectionism.
God continues to woo me.
I cant thank these ladies enough for letting me just
"jump right in".

I ordered a book after the suggestions a few weeks ago
I cant wait for the Brown truck to come and leave it on my door step.
All that said to say,
come back
and see
whats been on my table.....

Under His wings,


Im sorry I had to add word verification back on my comments tab.
I changed it a few weeks ago and since then Ive been getting spam.
I didnt even know that really happened.
Um, yeah......
SO, Please leave a comment letting me know youve stopped by.....
and forgive me for adding that nuisance back on.

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