Thursday, June 23, 2011

The one day way

" Today is all the time you need to lose all the weight you want" is a great way to sell a book. I am just not sure if this would be the only tool necessary to loose weight and keep it off. The author Chantel Hobbs has a great plan. I love the idea that we should stop using the words "diet" and make a lifestyle change. I also whole heartedly agree that being severely over weight has underlying issues.
Im starting off with the things I didnt like about the book. Right off it was the cover. On page 6 the author talks about the feelings she had when seeing before and after photos. Yet on the front cover you see a photo of her, as well as throughout the entire book. And she threw in testimonials with before and after photos. If she didnt like it, why would she do that to her readers?
The first half of the book repeats itself over and over, I think that it could have been edited down to one chapter with the same great pep talk and quotes. I found myself wondering with each chapter if this is where we were going to get down to business, only to have her repeat that we would get started later.
Now I will share a few things that I liked about the book, I love that there is a guide for meals and exercises listed. The exercises can be done at home with simple equipment. I keep telling my husband that I will start going to the gym with him, once I have lost x number of pounds. I know. He really cant understand my logic. But I am overweight and I dont want all the people that he sees on a daily basis seeing me and thinking those thoughts, " Thats HIS wife?" "why is he married to someone that looks like that" Dont tell me the people at his gym wont think those things. They will. I really like that I could do the exercises at home instead of paying a gym membership, driving a half hour each way, putting the little one in the daycare or finding someone to leave her with. Once she goes down for a nap I have no excuse. I think the things she has you use could be put in a suitcase and taken anywhere including the book. Handy.
I also loved that the addresses many reasons we fail. It really is a mindset. My children will attest to the fact that they grew up hearing me tell them that we are made of three parts, all of which have to be taken care of to be healthy and happy. Mind. Soul/spirit. Body. The author really has great guidelines and rules to help us get on the right track and take care of the whole YOU. Not just a diet, but a lifestyle change. We have heard many times that we need to focus on today, dont worry and fret about tomorrow.... or even the mistakes of yesterday. Just focus on today. Its a great place to start.

If youd like to read the first chapter you can find it here.

I will give this book 3 out of 5 stars.
If it had a different cover, no testimonials- save it for the dust jacket, and the first half were edited down I would have easily given it 4 or even 5 stars.

This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.

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