Friday, June 24, 2011

What Ive been painting this week

Ive been joining in with an incredible group of ladies at RJU studio.
Here is a sneak peek at whats going on in my "studio" this week
(in other words, drafting table in a beautiful corner of my dining room)

This is a silhouette of our little G.
I cannot take credit for the inspiration.
I had so much fun with this idea.
My husband took one look at it and knew who it was.
That really was a huge compliment.
You can see her characteristics of Down Syndrome
and I LOVE that about it.
See the bent pinki.
And her facial features.
be still my beating heart
Its inspired me to do a series of her with her shadow /Silhouette.
If you know little G at all
You know that she loves her shadow.
They are best friends.
Anywhere we go she is looking for the direction of the sun or lighting to find her playmate......

We have some great photos I took in Ecuador the day after my husband flew home. There is an incredible park in Quito that we went to since we were feeling blue without him.

Then the hydrangea painting.
Sadee Shilling does some incredible work with this technique and being a self taught watercolorist I had to google it and try it out for myself. I used to go to the library when my first three children were young, while they were in the children's section I would head over and find inspiring books to check out for myself. Since weve moved I had gotten out of the habit of going to the library and stretching myself this way. I think Ive worked on it two to three weeks off and on. I know I will dabble in it a bit more because it doesnt feel done just yet. I dont want to overwork it though. Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers. You can go back to yesterdays post - I thought this was a photo of her wedding gift. But I didnt look close enough. This is the one I did for my husband and I with the verse from Ruth in calligraphy around the border.( I fell in love with hers so much I felt the need to do it again!) Then hers has the verse on the mat and has a Eastern Swallowtail butterfly in the middle. I love them both. Anyhow, recently the hydrangeas have been blooming again and instead of filling me with joy its been sorrow. You can read that post if you care to "go there with me". I thought this would be a great way to bring back some happy thoughts, work it out of my system. Im not sure if its worked, but I think I will have a nice piece to show for my time.Im calling it "hydrangea Haze".

If youd like to take a peek at some other really great work go take a peek over at RJU.
Dont forget Ive been posting on my other blog too......
Until next Friday,
I remain,
under His wings,


  1. I love the silhouette painting! It is beautiful. From my visits here... I knew just who that sweet girl was when I saw it! Your hydrangea painting is beautiful too. What technique are you using? Isn't it amazing that we can google these things at home and learn?! :)

  2. Love your silhouette of Little G...she's beautiful! Her glasses are so adorable! =)

  3. Wonderful pieces that you're working on! Popping by from Sneak Peek Friday!

  4. I love the silhouette of little G and how she and her shadow are best friends - it is very touching. Your hydrangea are beautiful, almost dreamlike.

  5. I love when you show us a bit of your art! Beautiful!

  6. Wonderful silhouette and dandelion puff! Another artist had silhouette ideas this week (at Sneak Peek Friday)...I am v.e.r.y. inspired now! And thanks for sharing the painting technique link...I will have to try that soon too!


  7. this is the beginning of some INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL WORK! And what a way to bond with your daughter.

  8. I missed this when you first posted it! I love the silhouette painting...and the HYDRANGEAS, absolutely gorgeous! They look alive! Praying for your daughter and hoping the happy hydrangea thought come back soon.


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