Sunday, June 12, 2011

June 12 2010 and 2011

I hope my sweet readers have been enjoying this look at a year ago with me. Its really been sweet to reminisce
The day started with Marco playing "Aserin Aserran" with Marco
Then a trip to the Market.
This is where our host purchased the fruits and Veggies for the week.
My eyes couldnt get enough of the colors.

A snack.... fried pork, something like hominy and corn. Yummy!

The next adventure was a trip out for lunch.
The food was incredible.
Typical Ecuadorian foods.
And coke in bottles- make sure to use a straw!!!

Then sweet little G had a nap.

infant Dedication/ baptism.
All my senses were in overload.
All my children and significant others were there.
Something I never take for granted.
Special friends and family.
Little G did well.
She enjoyed the noise her shoes made on the platform
I knelt down to gently help her quiet down some.
I will never forget her leaning over
kissing me twice
right on the lips.
I am so so blessed.
Im hoping someone else got some good photos.(I will post when I get them)
Heres a glimpse from my camera.

Under His wings,



  1. Wow time flies! Neat to look back at old photos!

  2. I love seeing all of these pictures! I bet you've been thoroughly enjoying the trip through memory lane, too. :-)

  3. Yes Becca, It had made my heart feel so so full. All the dreams, seeing what was and is......


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