Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A year ago today- June 14th

We were up bright and early to head off to school.
I laughed that Papa and I learned alot while we were at school with little G each day.(you can read more about the Fudrine There was a young student there that knew English pretty well. She helped translate back and forth. I had a little notebook and my camera each day to take notes/videos. They started working with little G when she was a little baby at the orphanage. Then they asked the orphanage if they could start teaching her at the facility. Many of the other children at the orphanage get to go to school as well. Wouldnt her teachers be surprised to see her today!

This day I learned how to tape her papers onto the table for her to color. Isnt that a great idea! We played with colored pegs, tearing and crumpling paper, playdough... lots of games for strengthening her hands and fine motor skills.

Then we went outside for a walk. They were teaching G to walk with her hands down, not up in the air like a baby. Uphill and downhill we went. She practiced climbing the stairs. We did alot of that in Ecuador.(Getting her new glasses helped immensely)
I love seeing the photos and remembering those beautiful days turning into weeks and months....... we are just so blessed to have such a beautiful daughter and community to raise her in.

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  1. i just love me some little "g"! i am tearing up just viewing the pictures and reading/hearing the words. what joy one beautiful little girl has brought into the lives of so many!


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