Friday, June 24, 2011

Music in the park

I you are checking in to see what we did in Ecuador a year ago today, your guess is about as good as mine! I have 4 movie clips from school and a clip of a hummingbird. So obviously we went on a walk and went to school.
I thought I might post a few pics of what we did yesterday tho so that you could have a "little G fix".
We were invited to a play date. I dont think little G has the social skills down just yet. But hopefully after some more play sessions she will learn how to interact with her friends a little better. She was nice, dont get me wrong, she just did her own thing. These are some friends from church. I think a few months ago I posted photos of little G at her birthday party. Her uncle has Down Syndrome and is 28.....

Then we went to music in the park in Pensacola.
We got poured on. I had a small umbrella.
Little G was having so much fun though that we didnt have the heart to leave.
Son and fiance met up with us.
The rain cleared off and the sunset was amazing.I wish Id been able to get better pics.

Have an incredible weekend!

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