Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It was a beautiful day for a walk

Look really closely at the left sidewalk on these two photos. This man has trained his dog to carry the bread home! After seeing so many strays this was such a sight!

Mainly this walk was not to get in shape, but for Papa to feed his caffeine cravings. He drinks espresso every morning. We had coffee with our hosts but it wasnt half as strong as he drinks at home. So every couple of mornings we would walk down to Columbia Pan to have coffee and we found these incredible treats- they are fried like a doughnut but no icing. You just sprinkle sugar on them, piping hot. The shell is about 1/8 to1/4 in thick and inside is like cake. Its not greasy at all. I cant remember how much a basket with three would cost. But breakfast was very inexpensive.

At this point we were waiting to hear word from MJB about going to court. Somehow the official abandonment decree had been lost and the judge wanted the original. We were just praying that it could be gotten in time for Paul to get back home for an important meeting on the 13th of July.
Just in case you havent seen recent pics and goings-on here is an easy link to "from the heart".

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  1. Love seeing all of your journey.......crazy, hard, wonderful, and totally GOD!!!


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