Wednesday, June 15, 2011

One year ago today- June 15

Lil G watching movies of herself- a video from the day before at school.

Outside in the driveway. Getting some fresh air and exercise.We walked to a small playground and played on the swings. We encouraged G to go up and down the stairs each trip we werent dashing out the door to catch a taxi!

Mom and babe napping.( I think Papa needs a class in taking photos.....Its not like we were moving!!! ha ha!)

You can see a project I was able to knit while in Ecuador. Our roomie designed the pattern. I had brought yarn that was perfect for the shawlette.(I gave it to my MIL as a gift) Its called Ruffle my feathers. Caryl has a website here. Tomorrow I will post photos of me modeling my shawlette. I miss it.....

E trying to get on the internet or playing a game.

I was going to post photos of VBS today
it helps if you take the camera.....
Tomorrow is a new day.

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