Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A year ago today June 22

As I type this, I cannot help but think,
It cant possibly be June 22nd already.
And a year ago.......
This couldnt possibly have happened a year ago.
It seems like a dream.
Those days in Ecuador.
We had waited and waited to meet little G.
All the heartache now turned joy.......

We got to celebrate a birthday at the Fudrine
Look at that huge smile!

Little G snuck off to one of her class rooms to play a game.
MJB showed up with papers for us to sign. One step closer to court date!
Someone crashed and burned after so much excitement.

As I type this she is busy as a little bee in springtime.
I called her to breakfast this morning and she didnt come,
and didnt come
I knew she must be hungry
so I went to check on her
She was perched on the toilet singing and clapping
waiting for me to come.
I had no idea she was even in there.
We have been working on lots of big girl things.
she is really ready to learn
each new thing we try I walk away with a feeling like she was just waiting on me.
I cleaned behind the TV in her room yesterday.
I knew there was a collection of things back there.
(I wonder how that happened???)
I found her see n say- farm sounds.
When my mother gave her this for her birthday
she couldnt pull the handle to make it play.
Yesterday she couldnt stop pulling the handle!

I bought her a cookie Monster book a few weeks ago
she asks for it every night.
"cookie" in her cookie monster voice. Soooo funny!
Ive enjoyed reading an Olivia the pig book tho'
(husband said he doesnt get it! no rhyme or reason. isnt he a hoot!)
Anyhow, Ive been mixing it up some.
I put some of the board books in a basket in the closet to rotate them out.
She has a favorite DK NFL football opposites book that she adores.
I keep meaning to look for more of those. This morning she brought her mini football out and was throwing it , quite accurately I might add, at the dogs.
Dont worry, I helped her make better decisions.
Everywhere we go she has to tell me the color of things,
clothes, furniture, cars.
She loves being able to communicate thoughts.
I saw signing time came out with a new DVD set for learning religious signs Bible fun: Friends and play and I found this resource for some new words!!
How exciting for us.She already knows a few of the words and I cant wait to add to the list.

I hope this finds you and your family enjoying summer!
(I know we are!)
Under His wings,


  1. You helped her make better decisions about liking football, or about throwing it at the dogs? LOL She can come throw stuff at my cat any time. :-)

    I love thinking back to a year ago and looking at all the things Samantha couldn't do then that she does now. I love seeing progress. Little G is doing great!

  2. It's been a YEAR?!? Wow. She is doing so well! I don't comment much (nursing baby) but always read. She's a doll! :)


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