Friday, July 1, 2011

In the Studio -Sneak peek

little G and her shadow....

Making friends and dancing the night away....

I cant believe its Friday already.
But all the days of activity do add up to a week.
Blueberry picking,
music in the park,
swimming in the pool,
we tried to go to Movie day at the theatre yesterday.
Was so sad because I signed and told her what we were doing. (Why we were dressed and out the door so early!!) Then to get to the door of the theatre and be told that they were full. She happily turned around and walked right back to the car with me like this was exactly what we had planned all morning.
Broke. my. heart.
Its not that I WANTED her to be screaming and crying,
having a general meltdown,
but the absence
only made my heart love her
all the more.
My sweet little darling.

Im sure you are wanting to see what Ive been painting this week instead of hearing about my adventures mothering a 17 year old man/child and sweet little G.......
so heres a peek at what I did. (speaking of the 17 year old. He was at practice last night at church to help this Sunday. What an awesome experience. I am thankful for a church that will let our youth serve and lead us into worship.)
oh, back to my painting......
Im not sure if its "done yet" the ground close to the tree line seems to need to be darker to me. Im a little afraid to dabble back into it since Im a self taught water colorist. When I go back in I run the risk of water marks and puddles that I didnt want, a fine balance of color and water. It might get the best of me though, that thought of wanting it to look on paper like I saw it in my head.

I asked Arden Prucha for permission to use her umbrella idea. I had mentioned wanting to paint several silhouettes of little G and this was just screaming at me. "Use me! Use me!"like a school child waving their hand in the air..... She was so kind to say yes.

I really respected what Julie said today about having lists of "ideas". I have photos saved in my cell phone,
lists on envelopes,
backsides of junk mail.....
I am so glad that I am able to paint again.
I dont want to die with all those ideas still in my head.

This idea of painting little G
and her shadow
and silhouette
has really been fun.
I dont let myself get too stuck in detail.
I pulled out a book that I have on painting faces in watercolor earlier this week, I am hoping that once I feel secure in my abilities again that I might start trying my hand at something more detailed and my style.
I am so thankful for inspiration
and Godly women to encourage.
I received the book I ordered several weeks ago.
"The heart of the artist" by Rory Noland.
Wednesday afternoon I read the first 80 pages. There is a lot written in the book about artists meaning musicians and singers. But I tell you so far there are so many nuggets of gold that are applicable to any area of creative arts. I am thankful that the writer did such an excellent job at writing it for such a large audience. I have my sticky notes and a pencil to mark and jot down the stuff Ive really been needing to hear.

Come join me for a sneak peek:

Have a blessed weekend,
I remain,
Under His wings,


  1. What a lovely way to remember this moment in time, Anna. I think it is looking great!

  2. Love your post today, Anna. Kids just surprise us all the time. :)

    Love your painting. Very cool. The umbrella is an awesome focal point.

  3. I love your painting, it uses light in an interesting way with the umbrella.

  4. I love your painting! The umbrella and silhouette is just so sweet. Beautiful! I love the 'dancing the night away' photo! :) That book sounds like a really great read. I will jot that down to check out sometime! ;)

  5. That is such a beautiful painting! I love the giant umbrella and the silhouette. I hope you're going to frame it!

  6. Now you have really inspired me! My tweener has so many moments I could capture in more idea to go in the "ideas sketchbook"!



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