Saturday, July 30, 2011

A BIG thank you!

I wanted to take a few minutes to blog today.
Typically I dont on weekends.
I want each of you to know how much I appreciate
Your kind words
and prayers.
Many of us have never met
and may never see each other
this side of eternity.
It warms my heart to know
that somewhere
a prayer might be being lifted up
on our behalf.
For husband
Little G
Her 2 big brothers.....

But most of all
Big sister
and Ex- husband.

I know its hard for you to understand
they love each other
its a difficult situation for everyone.
Tomorrow we will go to church
come home to change and eat lunch
and start loading boxes into a trailer
for daughters new journey.
she wont be just 3 miles down the road and its hard for me to know
that I wont be "on the way" to anywhere now.
Its only about 30 mins away so I really shouldnt complain.
Im really not,
I am thankful
this is a good thing
and deep down
I know it.
Its beautiful to see Gods hand in it all.

I will keep you posted how things progress.(job and house situation)

A totally different topic,
Little G had ear surgery on Tuesday and I was finally able to talk with the audiologist. Got some questions answered and agreed to fax papers from previous appts with other Drs office/audiologist to her. I hadnt read them before the appt at ENT because it was a sealed envelope I picked up on the way to the appt. Came home and set it aside to file. But as I scanned the papers and read them, I think I have found all the answers we needed. It was already determined that it was permanent hearing loss, therefore she needs hearing aids. The tests were to be redone to determine how to set the levels on the hearing aids. Go figure. I will ask her to call me again on Monday. I think that this new information should seal the deal and maybe we can finally take the next step. I am just praying that the audiologist agrees.

I remain,
Under His wings,

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  1. Continue prayers of peace and strength for everyone's new beginnings.


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