Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 9-12th 2010

This is down near Gringolandia, we had to drive there to get Papers notarized for Paul to fly home once we went before the judge. I needed a power of attorney to finalize the rest of the adoption without him.
Papa wasnt feeling up to par so brother and I took little G to the park. I loved how the Kennedy sector was built. All the streets dead ended with a circle. Along the middle was a section that had a walkway and small playgrounds ending at the main road with a water fountain. At the other end was the building where the market was. All we had to do was walk to the end of our street and there was the park. What a novel idea.
God really had his paintbrush out this evening didnt he?!

This was July 12th. Our "Gotcha day". We are headed to court with MJB. We didnt know this but we had a translator meeting with us there. He was such a nice guy.

If you havent read the story before you will be amazed at how we fought tooth and nail to the day we loaded the plane to come home.On this day when our time came to go before the judge a storm erupted. Lightning was striking all around. There was not a storm like this the entire time we were there, only on this day. Wouldnt you know that after we had answered his questions and shed a tear or two, the judge started typing up the information in the blanks on his computer, the power went out. We sat and waited and waited. Nothing.I had a deep terror in my heart. What were we going to do? Papa had a ticked to fly out that evening. I thought, there is no way we are going to be able to get the papers done, He is going to want us to come back, in a day or a week to complete the papers. I was praying with all that was in me. God knew our situation.Then the judge stood up and went into another room and walked back in with a manual typewriter! I kid you not!!!! He sat down and loaded the forms in and started typing them out. I can remember us all laughing about this and the lawyer telling me this was a miracle.This is a "Historical Event!". She said. I remember him having a kind face and a warm heart, judge number ten. He actually belonged to the same denomination as we do. I think of him often and wish he could see little G now.

I have learned a huge faith lesson.
I had always thought that if God called you to a path it would be like they say,
"all the doors opened up for us".
We knew
without a doubt in our mind
that we felt called to adopt a child,
most importantly
a child with special-ness.
It was just something that you know
that you know deep in your spirit.
But I had an illusion that things would just fall into place if it was Gods will.

This was not true.
I have been pondering the whole process since day one and I know that Gods hand was still in it. I am not sure if others needed to see us make up our minds and fight for this little girl, to see how much he loves us and how far he would go to pursue us, to adopt us into the family. Maybe one day here on earth or when I meet Him I will understand the whys. But I do know He wants us to see Him move mountains. He wants us to know
We are all that important to him.
No matter what.
There is NOTHING WE DO to make us worthy
or not.....
He loves us.
I will never be the same.
Our adoption of little G was not just about adding to our family,
or little G having a home.
God had some faith lessons we needed to learn
and she was the carrot he dangled before our nose.
Please join us today,
thanking God for grace and mercy.
Being thankful that His plan is bigger than ours,
thankful that when the going got tough
we continued to be quiet and mindful of Him.
Praising God for our little G.

Under His wings,

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  1. Thank you, God, for exhibiting your Grace through Little G! Thank you for every Good gift she has brought her family and our community. Thank you for showing us all what Love looks like. Amen!


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