Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A year ago today July 13

This was one of my favorite days in Ecuador. I think because I was relieved that we had gone to court and one huge thing was done. Papa was able to fly home, drive from Atlanta to Tampa for a big meeting the following day. I was so worried about his safety. Plus he had lost 20lb while we were away and had an unhappy tummy. Come to find out it wasnt from something he ate while in Country, I had bought the meds at the pharmacy in Ecuador to treat him, but it didnt help. Once he was back home from his meeting and saw his Dr they discover his thyroid meds were off due to the weight loss. That will do it.

I was doing my best to keep it together and not get any more homesick than I already was. We walked down the road and hailed a taxi to the beautiful park. Got cotton candy, walked to the mall and ate lunch and just had fun together.
It was just what the Doctor ordered.

I pray that as you are enjoying our summer you are taking time to make memories,
carve out time to seek Him,
look for His hand in all of it
the messy
the broken
hold those that are dear to you
take time to check things off the lists
but also take time to nourish yourself
and your friendships,
enjoy some cotton candy
or something even sweeter,
His word
to nourish your soul.

Under His wings,

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