Friday, July 29, 2011

What Ive been creating

Its Friday, I cant believe it,
yet so glad this week is OVER, little Gs procedure turned minor surgery, the frustrations with that on Tuesday, my birthday on Wednesday, and then yesterday.....
in other words Im starting out this post saying that I havent taken the time to nourish this creative side at my drafting table this week.
The only creative endeavor has been my knitting. I have a project swirling around in my head which will take me places I havent been in the fiber arts world. Dyeing yarn. When we were in Ecuador adopting little one last summer our roomie told me about the most incredible boutique like store in the Mariscal near gringo-land. ;) yes its really called that. I brought home a natural brown and a natural white, its not a pure white mind you. When I saw this pattern on Ravelry I knew that this would be what I used that yarn for. I am thinking of dyeing some of the white to an indigo, then a steel blue , and sky blue varegated yarn. I am thinking before I add the dye I will need to figure out the size needles I will use and how much is used to knit the cross on each square so I can see how often the color needs to change in the skein to give me close to the results I want. I might be over thinking the process but tickets to Ecuador to purchase more yarn dont come cheap and I would love this to be something that reminds us of the year we went to Ecuador and brought our little blessing home.
Yesterday I helped oldest daughter pack. It was so very hard. Her wedding dress was hanging in that closet. At its where she had crammed the wedding gifts that were personalized. I did a painting for them and thought I might bring it home and have it re matted to change the color. I wrote the scripture on the Mat board in calligraphy and never liked it. I did it in a line across the bottom. The others I have done have the verse in a circle around the painting either on the watercolor paper or mat board.So that is wandering around in the creative spaces too. I may even trade hers for mine. She always liked the one with the cross in the middle better than the one with the butterfly. (I love them both!)
Continue to keep us in your prayers.
Her ex-husband most importantly.
My heart is so so broken over all of it.
What a sweet young man.
He will have a empty home to come home to.
Its a very hard time for all of us.
All I know is that we are growing spiritually through the hard stuff
and Gods hand is all over it.
I only hope I do it well.

If youd like to see more join us over at Jens blog for "studio sneak peak".

I remain,
Under His wings,


  1. ((((Hugs)))) - a hard week, in the refiner's fire...and the product of the refining is so evident...thanks for sharing all, and the is beautiful. I will have to keep it in mind as tweener grows in her knitting skills...


  2. Yes, as Cindy said, {{Hugs}}. Tough times, mixed with good times. Bittersweet, life is. Praying that you are doing it well . . .

  3. I am sorry! What a tough week, but your knitting is beautiful. And I LOVE hydrangeas- my favorite flower!!!
    Happy Birthday, too!!!

  4. You really did have quite a sorry! I hope that the Lord pours in an abundance of His love and blesses you in the next year of your life!

    I really like the pink's beautiful.

    I also had a laugh about 'Gringo-land'. My friend just came back from Guatemala, she's Mexican, but was talking about going places where 'gringo's' should not go...but she could go, because she was Mexican. =)

    Thanks for sharing this week. Will be praying for your family.

  5. Sending you love and peace and strength across the miles.

  6. having been through divorce, I cannot imagine how you as a mama must feel to watch your daughter go through it. So so sorry and do hope that What GOD is bringing together for good will show up very soon.


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