Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A year ago today- July 27th

A year ago today we spent the morning re-doing little G's fingerprints for her Cedula. We had gone through alot of drama.

Papa had been gone a week,

our tickets to fly home were for Saturday the 31st

and we still had to fly to the Embassy in Guayaquil for her visa.

I was pretty emotional by this point

to say the least.

these two photos were taken the second trip to the office- the previous day to redo little Gs cedula card. There had been a robbery and the people were outside waiting to be allowed in. Many were not happy about the situation. (rioting??)We were allowed into the secured parking lot because we had a special handicapped card. The officer went in and we were told we had to return tomorrow.

Sooooo....Today was the third trip across town to this office.

It had been arranged to manually take her fingerprints since the first times the computers locked up.

The next thing we did was get her passport/visa. We ended up leaving to get lunch from the passport office since our facilitator/legal help had to rush documents. What better than a happy meal to celebrate progress made???

The last thing to do before flying to guayaquil was the Drs appt. That was scheduled for the 28th. The Dr was very nice and thorough. Our facilitator kept showing off at how many signs little G had learned in the short time she had been with us. IF they could see her now.

Our hosts decorated

and had a cake for me to celebrate my birthday. (they had taken us out the previous weekend to a beautiful restaurant in Quito overlooking the city.)I ended the day by getting on the computer and using Vonage to talk with my family back home.

It was a great day.

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