Thursday, July 28, 2011

A year ago today- July 29th & 30th, 31st........

The day started of very very early. We got up before anyone else and hailed a taxi to the airport to fly to guayaquil. I had no idea where to go or what to do. But I did it. The filght was pretty short maybe an hour? Once we got off the plane we went to a restaraunt at the airport for breakfast. I had gotten good at figuring out what to order so that little G and I could share a meal, it was just easier that way.(if you get orange juice you might want to ask for sugar. Its really tart.)
We were picked up by the sweetest lady that works for our adoption agency.She actually spoke English and had things planned out just so. She told me how our day would go as best she could and was patient with this weary adoptive mommy. She drove me to the Embassy and was not outwardly frustrated when the guards started going through my diaper bag/backpack packed for the day. I had no idea that there was a list, a HUGE list of things that could not be taken in. Things you would bring if you had a little person and would be flying on a plane and gone for a day trip....... I had to use my inhaler to prove what it was, take batteries out of camera, empty her water cup,put on my lipstick....
I could tell you every.little. thing.
But I will spare you.
I was clueless.
We ended up taking all the parts and pieces and cramming them back in the backpack for her to walk back to the parking garage.
I know what foriegners feel like now.
I know what it feels like for your personal space to be invaded and not speak the language or comprehend what was going on,
to feel disoriented because nothing felt familiar.
Alot of it is a blur.
I remember waiting for a long time, getting an appointment to return at 3,
somewhere in the mix when she was gone I was told there was no way it would be complete until the next day. I didnt have money for a hotel room or arrangements made since I didnt carry large amts of cash or our bank card. I had brought nothing for a say the night and had return tickets for that day because I was flying back to America.
DO you hear me????
I am going home.
I just wanted to go home.

Little G and I waited in the Lobby at this hotel all afternoon. We ate at the beautiful little restraunt in the lobby. The quiche was incredible. I shopped in the touuristy gift shop and bought most of my favorite treasures there. If I couldve I would have thanked them profusely for the comfortable air conditioned safe place for my new daughter and I to wait. It was humbling. But I thank our lawyer for knowing the position I was in and already telling me to wait there and she would return later that afternoon for us to return to the Embassy together.

When things arent what you expect God is still there.
Ive learned it.
I pray Ive learned it well.

our lawyer resturned early
she was giddy because it was done
she drove me to the airport and told me to ask about having our airline tickets transferred to an earlier flight.
It worked and We were able to fly back to Quito right away.
We got back to the apt and were so glad to be one step closer to returning home.

On Friday the 30th, we spent the day packing and getting ready to fly out the following evening. Sorting through all of little Gs things to leave what we could for the orphange, potty seat, you name it.
We had talked about doing touristy things.
But I was spent and could only think of getting home to my family.
If youd like to read more about the chaos and pandemonium at the airport read my first blog post once we arrived home.You just wont believe it. Satan fought us tooth and nail. Up until the plane was loaded..... I kid you not.
My son was competing in a Body Building competition in Mississippi the same evening that we loaded on an airplane. They would drive all night to arrive in Atlanta as our plane was landing. talk about tired. I couldnt see straight and that is not an exaggeration. We had dear adoption friends that asked us to come rest awhile in their home. We didnt have a choice but to accept the offer. Mama Papa, Big sister, her husband and Eric all crashed and burned while little G happily played with people we had never met in person, but would have never met little G or made it through the journey without. I love a good ending. It started with her hearing my request,"does anyone know of a little girl in an orphanage in Quito Ecuador with Down Syndrome..." TO her family being one of the first stateside to meet her.
God is good.
God is faithful.

Little G -
It is the perfect name
oh how sweet the sound
for my sweet little girl
she once was lost
left in a hospital & taken to an orphanage-
without a family,
but now shes found!
born with cataracts-
she once was blind,
but now she sees............
unending love,
Amazing grace.........

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