Friday, July 8, 2011

whats going on in my "studio"

Been knitting socks and coming in on the home stretch!!!! YAY!

Two silhouette paintings that arent "done" yet.
Yeah two.
The first one will get another firework in the background. I copied photos taken with a fancy camera and they just dont look like what you see when you see fireworks. So I started a new painting and then decided to paint my bathroom instead of getting it done yesterday.....giggle.
And lastly you can see I painted my bathroom yesterday. I cant see the true color through the lens of my camera. Sorry the link is here at glidden.
Its called Mountain slate blue. I am in love. You can see the mauvey taupe that it used to be. I am thinking I am taking those painted-over hook for the thrown away GOLD towel bar, patch the holes and put hooks behind the door instead. I am sad that I didnt take "before" pics.I am just so happy with it now.....In my world, you just cant go wrong with blue of any sort.
I am headed to daughters house to make drapes that Ive had the fabric to sew for way too long. I may not hang them, along with the new rods and sheers... all in the closet waiting for me to actually "do it", until Fall. It just seems a little heavy for Summer. We shall see. She has time on her hands and I am trying to get things off my LOOOOONG list.
Have a blessed weekend and if you want to see whats "in the studio" go take a peek!

Under His wings,


  1. Your portraits are coming along so beautifully! I love the fireworks too.

    Great bathroom color....the blue looks nice.

  2. Looks great!! Love your paintings, socks, and the bathroom :)

  3. Hooray for getting things off of that to-do list!!! I have fabric waiting to be sewn into curtains. They would be better for summer, so I should get to it!
    Love the bathroom color! I am afraid to try color on the walls!

  4. Love the silhouette fireworks paintings!! So beautiful! :)

  5. Anna, thank you for suggesting One Thousand Gifts. I have got to check it out! Thanks for keeping up with us!

  6. Ooohhh, can't wait to see those sock! I love the silhouettes with the fireworks!

  7. The silhouettes are beautiful, Anna! And I do the same thing; start another project right in the middle of another one. I like to think it is because we are so creative :)


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