Thursday, July 28, 2011

I KNEW it!!!!!!

I just have to share so that you, my dear friends and readers, can rejoice at the hope within me. Right now, its just a glimmer, juuuuuust a glimmer but I needed it so so badly......
and "I AM" knew,
He knows me,
created this heart,
and he knows my human -ness,
this flesh that holds me down to the earth that it was created from
and it will turn back into......
Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a far off land (proverbs 25:25), or translate it to my here and now " a good text from three miles away......."

The school where my oldest did her student teaching,
the school of her dreams,
posted an opening for this Fall.
I got the text at 11pm.
I KNEW it would happen.
I could feel it in me.
God HAS a plan.
She was struggling with how it "looked"
with human eyes
not with spiritual eyes.....
Take this step and five more to follow
eight pages of application
scan documents
documents you dont have
documents that cost
more money
more time
more humble ness.
More walking with empty hands
yet I had a hopeful heart.
So glad she could hear me
"just call the principal.
She knows you.
Remind her how much you enjoyed your time there."
(there was talk of two new positions opening, two teachers on new journeys)
Take that BIG step
that looks so small on the outside
but feels so so Big on the broken inside.
"I believe in YOU. I KNOW God has a plan. Wait on Him dear one."
She was created for this.
My beautiful home school girl.

Please join us in prayer that God once again shows himself BIG as she leans on Him.
So she can join her mama, " my story with little G sounds like this, when it looked like all hope was lost, when I felt like I could.not.go.on. God showed up. He heard my call...... he cares so much about my tears that he collects them!!!!" She will be able to tell others in hard places, "I didnt see my life looking like this. I kept hitting roadblocks and on the outside it felt impossible. But God showed up."

If you too are in a hard, tough situation,
wait on Him,
be in community with others that can hold your hands up when you cant any longer like Aaron did for Moses...... its hard. I know. Ive been there.
But I know Gods word.
Its true.
Cling to Romans 8:28
"And we know in all things God works for the good of those that love him."
He will show up,
we dont understand His timing.
But He has a plan.

I remain,
Under His wings,


  1. Anna, this is so incredible! Having grown kids learn to LEAN INTO what the Lord has more them is just about the MOST FULFILLING THING THERE IS for a mama.

    I want to also say 'thank you' for your comment on my blog (My Creative Peace). You have no idea how the timing aligned with things I have been praying about letting go of to focus more on the things GOD has planned for me creatively.

    Bless you and your family sweet one...

  2. Oh, Anna, praying here. He knows just the PERFECT place and time. My heart utters a wordless sound with you with the heart of a mother . . . hoping, praying for her daughter. You wrote so beautifully, so raw, so real, so full of FAITH. I am blessed to join you here.


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