Monday, August 1, 2011

A year ago today

I thought I had written my last "a year ago today" post,
But my last post is still ringing in my ears
It is still haunting me.
This story,
OUR story.
Little Gs story......
You see,
A year ago today was a new journey for little G,
Starting her life on American soil,
If I had been able to
I wouldve kissed the ground
as we stepped off the plane.
I really would have.
It felt so so good to be home.
We made our way through the steps to get to our family.
And we had friends waiting to meet us,
to meet little G......

So the first of August last year
it was the beginning of a new chapter for one daughter.
And today.
A new beginning for our other daughter.
We helped oldest move yesterday.
A mutual friend had offered for oldest to move in.
This morning she woke up
her bed,
in a new home.
A new beginning.

So thankful for Gods grace and mercy.
Trying to remember to keep my hands and heart open.
The journey doesnt always look like what we expect.

Under His wings,


  1. I've really enjoyed reading your One Year Ago Today posts. What an incredible journey! You made it through and given Little G a family and a life she never could have dreamed existed. And while she has learned so much from you, I know, from my own experiences, that you have probably learned far more from her, things that you never could have dreamed you'd learn. You are all very, very lucky to have each other. :-)

  2. Have enjoyed seeing your journey!!! Blessings as you continue God's path for your family!!!


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