Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend in review

Nothing too awful exciting to report.
I have some photos to share from our weekend.
Our church had a "team day".

Brother and sister.
Here is Papa and his girl

Oldest sister came to spend the afternoon.
I wish I had gotten a photo of them together.
Oldest brother is sick sick sick.
He was fired from his job last weekend.
Then was sick to his stomach for three days.
He still cant eat and I took him to our Dr on Thursday and he was in the ER on Friday. They havent found anything. Nerves? Just so worried about him. I wish he was home so I could take care of him. I met up with his Fiance and had made him chicken n rice soup last evening. (I had baked a chicken on Thur eve) Just heard from him and his Gastro is working him in.....
say a prayer please.

When I returned home I found this moth injured in the yard.
I thought Id bring it in for Little G to see.
Immediately she signed butterfly.
I almost cried.
She grabbed it up off the floor
and I made that "oh no!" intake of breath noise that mommys make.
It took awhile for her to warm up to the idea again.

We had a follow up ENT appointment this morning.
After the audiologist appt last week......
I am just not happy with how any of this is working out.
I will close with a photo of some of our first day of "school"

I remain,
Under His wings,

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