Tuesday, August 9, 2011

When faced with a BIG mess

Life can be fun!

It can get messy.....

When faced with a BIG mess......

I could learn a lesson from little G.

First assess the situation.

What is the thing I need to tackle first?


I could start by puting all the babies to bed.

Thats easy.

What to do next?

Well toys go in one basket.....

and pretend food and dishes go in another.

Snap beads have to be put together before putting them in the toy basket.(says little G)

then the baskets go on the shelf.

If I break things into small tasks

before you know it a Big job is done!

What can I do next???

Id really like to watch a movie.

let me see if I can crack the code on Pay per view again.

Hijack the remote

and a little doggie snuggle time.

Little G has learned a BIG life lesson.

I will see her room

and tell her to clean up the mess

before lunch, nap, bedtime....

and I am shocked

when I go back to check

she is busily working away.

Breaking a big job

into small steps

"just doing it".

When I am faced by tough,


life things,

I know,

if I just take a breath,

and rely on the Strength of

"I am"

in me.

Not my own....

I really can do ALL things.

Daughter and I have been discussing this too....

Like eating an elephant.

One bite at a time.

People kept telling me this during the adoption paper mess....

I know she and I would both appreciate

recipes for Elephant.

Its getting old.

(hope you dont mind me inserting some humor here!)


if you are in a hard

and messy place right now...

take a lesson from little G

(and Gods word)

take a breath,

asses the situation

and take it one step at a time.

Leaning on "I am"






I remain,

Under His wings,



  1. Great advice, Anna!

    Samantha is the same way - she'll do an AMAZING and organized job of cleaning up her room or the living room, knowing exactly what goes where. The first time I saw her do that I just couldn't believe my eyes! Great job, Little G!!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog with encouraging words....i am still eating my elephant one bite (day) at a time here..... apparently i didnt realize my receipe has second and third helpings.

  3. She is doing so well...I long for the days when Nathan and Peter do things like this. I know we have to have patience..it's only been 4 months...and we are making progress. But, it would be nice to have just a wee bit of normalcy back in our lives. It is such an encouragement to read your posts :) Blessings, Jennifer


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