Saturday, August 13, 2011

I will need A reminder

For those of us that love and provide care for someone with special needs this is a great post to read.

It reminds me of last week,

Little G was soooooooo

off her game.

It was partially due to my inability to keep us on schedule.

Brother ended up complaining with a tummy ache On Friday and Saturday.......

stayed home while we went out.

Sunday little G was cranky.

I just chalked it up to being out late the night before.....

and possibly manipulative.

Then when we were out on Thursday the food at the restaurant was held up.

I tried sharing with her etc.

.I was irritated with her

I was starving too and trying to help aleviate things some

she wouldnt have any part of it

Just fussy.

But later her tummy was "off".

I will tuck these things in my memory.

And if you are with me

next time

remind me.....

I remain,

Under His wings,


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  1. Great post! My kids can all communicate on par with their age appropriateness, but this applies to them too...this is a good reminder that irregular behavior should be investigated, not immediately harped on. I've had a number of times when something was going on that they didn't know how to communicate without a little help to draw it out of them. I guess I need this reminder too ;-)


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