Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Baby steps

So Im guessing little G is wanting to start picking out her clothes
and dressing herself.
Remember the brown pants???
This morning I picked out a cute little dress.
But I think she wants to make a fashion statement on her own
added pajama bottoms from her bed.
(ignore the water down her front! ha ha!didnt see that!!)
Being the sweet little one she is
without many words.
She is showing me.
Okay little one......
It takes mama a little time to figure these things out.
Baby steps.
dancing to the praise music playing on the computer.
Her favorite!
Since you are still wanting more....
I know you are......
wink wink
Here she is yelling big sisters name.
My cell is ringing and I tell her,"I think thats Big Sister calling"
I hear her in the background yelling for sister over and over.
I walk into the living room to see this:
what a sweetie......

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  1. I love that photo of her looking out the window - beautiful. Shows how much love she has for her sister.

    And I love that she's wanting to pick out her own clothes! Great job, Little G! Sammi is usually good with whatever I hand her to wear, but sometimes, just sometimes, she wants to pick her own clothes out. And just sometimes, it works. LOL


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