Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend in review

This weekend was loaded with heart moments. We had looked forward to seeing the Orphanage Directors for weeks and the day finally arrived. The food and fellowship were heavenly.It was hard to leave..... In our discussions we learned they were attending the church that our pastor had recently been moved to.

Its a small world.

God does have a sense of humor doesnt he!

Sunday morning we attended church and were blessed to have son playing with the worship team again. The sermon was applicable to where I am right now. It was hard. The hardest part is that just when I think I am past the deep grief another wave crashes down over me.

I remain humbled.

I continue to keep my hands open to ALL God has for us.

Our Sunday evening plans were off a bit

everyone was starving

and a little cranky.

Little G had gone to bed WAY too late the previous night.....

and we kept her out too late again.

I took my camera but didnt get any photos.

Maybe it was for the best.

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