Tuesday, August 16, 2011

a tuesday kind of update

I have several projects in the creative process at the moment.
Two projects.
First, a baby sweater
and second,a sock.
I am loving the sock but will not allow myself to get too involved. you will laugh to know I am using it as a bribe to get the baby sweater knit up.
I have to do this to myself sometimes. Wink ;)

Ive started an art journal.
I started glue-ing pages in a book together.Three or four at a time. Then brushed on a coat of gesso to them to seal the paper. I chose a book from the thrift store that was about "our calling". it was a great book, I wasnt emotionally attached to it tho so it seemed like just the right base for an altered book. I have been inspired by another creative heart and thought that this might be the perfect way
to journal
this heart process
I have been in
in a creative and personal way.
I am hoping that I am able to really create art in it.
The actual making of the journal itself has been fun.
My peeps have been interested in the process and keep checking over my shoulder.
I wanted to share a link or two that Ive found in case you are needing to express something,
Need to put
your inner process
into words
or capture
in images
to journal
in a creative way.

Last week.....
I pulled out several paintings to complete.
They really needed to come out of the cardboard box and be given a second chance.

Under His Wings,

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  1. Thanks for the great links! I have been thinking about starting an art journal. Then I think I must be crazy to start something else! lol You understand. :)


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