Friday, August 12, 2011

In the Studio -Sneak peek

I will start off with my knitting projects
since that has mostly what I have been grabbing when I have free Time.
Its rarer than it was a few years ago.
We knew it would be this way
I am certainly not complaining!
Ive also been working on knitting this baby sweater.
Remember it from last week?
Its looking pretty sweet.

I pulled out this painting I started the first week of July
got the rest of it done.
I knew it wouldnt take long but getting her little hand just right made me nervous.
Plus I knew the stars wouldnt be detailed.
I am hoping that someone looking at it gets the gist
and that it doesnt seem like a half way done job.
Hear the inner critic??? sigh.
I am pleased with it.
Both oldest daughter and son liked the yellow gold fireworks.

This is a painting I started several years ago,
tried getting it done before we went to Ecuador
I am pulling it out again to really get it done.
I have done several of these watercolor paintings like Kaleidoscopes.
I have a leaf one, donated a leaf one in different hues to an Ecuador Mission Team auction,
did a hydrangea one for myself and my daughter,
and another for a friend. It had sweet peas and Peonys.
This one will go in my home and I will put a bible verse around it like the others.
I would like to eventually hang them together in my home like a series.
The shells look real close up
it takes me hundreds of hours to complete each painting as a result.

Last but not least.
I wanted to share this one too....
I will have it done by next Fridays sneak peak.
(Im saying this to give myself a goal to shoot for!)
Its Water with reeds and leaves floating on the water.
I love the colors in the photograph and like how its turning out.
We got oldest daughter completely moved last night.
her Ex husband was there
it was so so good to see him and exchange hugs.
She has been applying for teaching jobs
and had her first interview on Wednesday.
and another scheduled for this upcoming Wednesday.
Praying for a job.
One more week of summer before we start homeschooling.
Son is signed up for dual enrollment class.
Going to sign little one up for a dance class.....
Looking forward to Fall......

Under His wings,


  1. Anna, just loving all your projects! For some reason knitting is appealing to me this week too - tho' garter stitch is about it for me...something about being able to pick it up and put it right back down fits life right now. I love the idea of a series of your might consider offering prints? I also am looking forward to the routine of school again - every year is a new adventure in the homeschooling realm!

    Blessings blog friend!

  2. Your painting are lovely, Anna. Cindy is right; have you thought about offering prints? Your knitting project is coming along, can't wait to see it finished!

    Praying healing for your daughter's marriage, friend.

  3. Wow! You are a talented knitter! And those shells--so detailed, I can see why you must spend so much time on them. Can't wait to see how the "water" painting turns out and to hear how the gesso works! I've never tried that myself, but being able to scrub back to white more easily would definitely make it worth a try!

  4. You are full of pretty projects Anna! I love it! I can not wait to see that sweet baby sweater complete. Love the 4th of July piece and the shells are amazing! Praying your daughter finds a good teaching job! :)

  5. Anna, I am so looking forward to the finished piece. It looks AMAZING. And big props to you girl for being able to forge peace with your ex.


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