Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sunday mornings......

I hate to admit that some Sunday mornings
I want to just snuggle under the covers
and miss
what God might have for me,
and miss
to Him the offerings
He is due.

This Sunday past was one of those kinds of mornings.
I was wound tight knowing we had daughter to pack and move
and I had been "the middle man" all week.
Daughter struggling with the steps,
papa being the managerial-type.
Mommy in the middle. (mommy not monkey! Ha ha)
I couldnt make the decisions for her.
She is an adult.
It has to be hers.
Not mine.
Not ours.
Hers alone.
Its easier to just stick your head in the sand,
stay under the covers
when you just dont know how to "do this".
I am so glad its His strength and not mine.

I woke up
made biscuits,
a loving gesture
(ask around, I dont do breakfast)
husband made eggs
I bathed and dressed little G.
We scrambled out the door
sending us texts
as we drove.
"are you coming?"
Yes son,
we are coming
to worship
offer praises
with you.....
Praises we are glad to give Him
so many things to be thankful for.

Husband sat with little G in his lap
I could hear his deep baritone voice.
I wanted so badly to sit
lean in close
and savor the sound
I remember little ones sitting in his lap
so long ago it seems
sitting between us.....

I read a bloggers post this morning
it reminded me of this moment on Sunday

The moments of Sunday mornings so long ago...
Seeing little G
sitting in his lap
hearing his voice
praising the same God she was
her learning the words
singing for ALL SHE WAS worth
in sounds and syllables all jumbled up.
knowing that her praises were un-jumbled by the Holy Spirit...
hearing and interpreting......
so many times she has things that need to be prayed about,
talked about
sung about
he hears....

Knowing that when I get all tangled up inside
and cant find words
he utters them for me.
No judgement.

I am so thankful that my children could sit on Sunday
in a Papas lap
a papa that was human,
he did his best,
he would offer his praises up....

A father that would sing over them.

remembering Sundays past with my father standing next to me...
I can see him so tall next to me....
singing the hymns
a papa that was human,
he did his best
he would offer his praises up.

Remembering more recent Sundays past
shoulder to shoulder
singing the hymns
a papa that was human,
he did his best
he would offer his praises up.

Zephaniah ch. 3 "Dont be afraid or despair because the LORD is with us, a mighty warrior who saves, who delights in us and sings over us. (Hebrew: to spin in a dance.)

I remain,
Under His wings,

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