Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday sneak peek

Today Im joining up with the ladies from Friday sneak peek.
Im sorry I dont have anything really over-the-top to share.
Some weeks are better than others.......

not sure if you remember the sock Ive been knitting on.
Ive picked it back up and was able to get the last lace repeat and the heel done.
So much for not knitting on it until the baby cardigan is done!
This is one of my "from the heart" journal pages.
I thought I would do some still life of some of the things in the window by my drafting table.
Ive been experimenting with how the watercolor works on the gesso and it has been quite fun. Im not ready to share the other page,
it really made me happy
until I added words
and was trying to add tendrils
and detail to the leaves.
I might gesso back over those areas and see what Im left with.
(insert frown here)

I am sorry about the quality of this next photo.
As you can see our representative in Ecuador took this first one since she is missing ,
and I took the second.
I dont know if I was ready or not?
Possibly trying to coach her in broken Spanglish how to work the camera and smile???
no matter......

Vanity aside....
I have to share them.
These are a God-gift today.
When I was getting this post together these photos came up.
Go figure?!
The date on them is July 26, 2010
If I am thinking correctly there MUST be more of these photos.
These were taken on a very busy day getting documents together to be able to Fly to Guayaquil- the US Embassy.
We would be at the Children's Council office.
It was a celebration day/week to promote adoptions.
Our facilitator took us there to get paperwork rushed
and drop off a "gift" to the lady that could make things happen.
I am thinking these photos somehow ended up saved on the camera memory
not the memory card?
I dont know.......
I will probably spend the rest of the day trying to figure out if there are more.

I remain,
Under His wings,


  1. Can't wait to see the finished socks! Love your journal page and how amazing that you found these pics! I'm sure they are a treasure to have from your adoption journey.

  2. Please don't apologize for nothing 'over the top'. I love seeing whatever you are working on... anything and everything. It's more about sharing! :) Love the journal page, what a great quote! I love your 'God-gift'. How wonderful. I'm so happy you found them! They are beautiful!

  3. Beautiful sock - with a delightful pattern. I am hardly able to knit a "normal" sock, but I'm learning. Like the watercolor.

  4. the pictures are indeed a celebration and how lovely the timing for you to see them again; hope they are a blessing to you in the midst of your life RIGHT NOW. I find that is when memorials of promises of GOD fall into my lap again.

  5. Beautiful journal page and I love the sock, great pattern and wonderful soft colours.

  6. I so appreciate such an indepth look at your entire life...which I know goes into the creative process...and I love the quote in your art journal + the still life - a capture of what is in your own home?



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