Friday, September 9, 2011

new glasses

Some photos....... finally.
I have replaced my camera.
Not with long awaited DSLR but with a point n shoot.
It had to be done for now.
So far it seems pretty straight forward and Ive liked the photos.

Here are a few pics of little G with her new glasses.
They are pretty cute- made by Julbo. (typically make sunglasses)
I love that they are flexible but not a solid opaque plastic.
If you have a little one with DS and need some of the features we were looking for,
Ive suggested the Mira Flex that we had. There was also an option at little Gs old opthamologist to get a brand called Solo Bambini. WAY adorable.She would be sporting those now except the office didnt have anything in her size????Was going to take a week and a half to two weeks to get them in and they hadnt even gotten them ordered the Friday after her appt on Tuesday...... and said they wouldnt until Monday perhaps??? Ive never experienced anything like it. I called our optical office and they told us what they had and were willing to order whatever we wanted if they didnt have it, and have it there the next day.
Im a little spoiled by them I guess.
what ???
You are tired of reading about glasses and frames and want pictures......
Who am I to disappoint???
(Hmmm do I really want my picture taken?)

Im just not sure....
I dont want my photos splattered all over the internet!
A girl needs her privacy!

okay, just one. But NO MORE!(signing favorite)

Now I can snuggle with mommy after that strenuous photo shoot.

Happy weekend yall!

Love Lil G

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