Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Living the message called grace

(2007 my son Nathen in the trenches
Mama Yolis House)

How can we
as a church
"do and be"
without this Message called grace?
(Little G on the bus with new mama and Church family headed to Mama Yolis house)

Is there a fear in the Church that if grace and mercy are preached
we will fall into a place of complacency?
No need to help, work, love others till it hurts?
Even if it costs me something?
I dont want to think so.
Why has my parched soul longed for this message?
Instead of this bondage and fear....
until heaps of brokenness
pain and inadequacy
eating the joy
covering our mouths
and ears
to the laughter.......
The song I AM sings over us?
If we arent living the message of grace and mercy...
what is left???

when she cant get out of bed in the morning
because "You arent going to do it right"
is loudest
what is there to show for the cross?
The price that was paid?
It was all about Love......
unmerited favor
and mercy,
For when I have seen too much
loved so hard......

defeated perfectionist
trying to make sense of it all.
Walking the road to recovery.....

If you want to read more
plus this
these ladies really understand.

Under His Wings,

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