Friday, September 23, 2011

whats in my "studio"

This week has been rough around the edges.
Back pain
sick little one.
she is still running a low grade fever,
wont eat or drink without being coaxed.

I was able to get a sketch done with Miss Junelle
applied some paint.

Created a button for my blog.

from the heart

and share our creative hearts

grace peace and good health to you and yours
Under His wings,


  1. Sorry about the pain and sickness...I'll be praying for your home...

    Love the little ballet slippers...and yes, He does turn our mourning in to dancing!

  2. Loved to see into your well loved studio scene.
    No wonder you create such beauty.
    what a great nook to create in.

  3. love the ballet shoes sketch. i can still remember what mine smelled like....

  4. Sorry to hear you and little one are ill, hope you are both on the mend soon. Love your drawing, they are cute in real life but even cuter on the page, tfs Jenny

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE. And LOVE again! Really, so very pretty. Praying a better week for you next week, and healing for Little G!

  6. Wow! You got a lot done. Praying for that back pain to go away and your little one to be healed! Love those ballet slippers.

  7. Your art is beautiful! And I hope your little one is back up to speed soon.

  8. Sorry that your week has been a difficult one. Thanks for the glimpse into your studio and showing that wonderful sketch of the slippers.

  9. Sorry to hear about the rough week. I hope you are both feeling better! I love your sketching... adorable shoes! And a great button!

  10. Your sketch beautifully and I like your button. hope next week is much better for you all.

  11. Hoping that you all will be turning a corner soon. Hate when we are all not on top of our game.

    The sketch is amazing Anna and the button so darling. Grace is just breathtaking.

  12. Hello;
    You're little ballerina is adorable, and your drawing amazing. I used to draw a lot when I was younger, but it's hard to get the swing of it now.
    Hope the little swan is feeling better.

    Kind regards,

  13. Love the paint and scripture that you added, Anna! I am praying healing for you and your little sweetie :)


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