Friday, September 23, 2011

Bloggy buttons

Yesterday I spent some of little Gs naptime creating a button
and the URL code so people can post the link on their blog etc.
I am NOT a computer geek for sure
with time and patience,
I can do it.
I have been praying alot
about taking steps in my art journey,
and weeding out things that God wants me to let go of.
I want to export this blog
over to my "from the heart" blog.
Where it all started.
It causes much fear and trembling to do this.
(you should see my hands shaking as I type)
But I want to give all my readers a "heads up"
that it is in the future.
So.... if you havent linked up to "follow" from the heart.
Please take a few mins to beat me to the punch.
from the heart

Id sure hate to loose you along the way.
Its been a beautiful journey to grace......
Some days it still doesnt feel real.
And weve been home over a year.
To think that dreams really can come true.
My dreams really were His plan for us!!!

You know we have a heart for the orphan in our house.
I got wind of something exciting going on over here.
If you are like me
you might have some fabric or thread
that you could donate to the cause.
I am thinking that the blessing will be freeing up some space in my home.
This is a very good thing.
De-Stash 4 Malawi at LilypadQuilting

One more thing,
I know youd like to see a few more pics of little G today,
But she is under the weather.
This started Wednesday morning early.
I know shed hate me sharing sick little G photos for the whole world to see.
So .........
If you want to see more cute ness
say a little prayer or two that she gets well soon!
(in the meantime you can look at old posts for your "fix") wink

We remain,
Under His wings,


  1. Thank you for posting this Anna! =) God bless

  2. Oh, poor little thing!! Hope she's feeling better soon. Blah.

    I love the button you made! Wow! Can you please e-mail me the instructions? I've wanted to do one of those for quite some time, but have no idea where to start. That photo is just gorgeous.

    Can't wait for more Little G photos soon!

  3. becca, just edited to add the link. AWESOME easy instructions. I tried a few others and wasted two nap sessions. Go to to make the image and save it to your computer 125X125 px size.( showed me how to start, but after that her directions were WAY TOO HARD.)Hope these links help.

  4. The button is amazing. I really need to figure out how to put all the buttons I have in a more visible place. I have them under a tab o the blog header but I am afraid people need to hunt too much for them. I'll have to work on that. I will add yours later... off for a run.

    Hope Grace is feeling better before too long.


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