Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dance class

The joke at our house is
any shoes little G has on are her dancing shoes!

That was one of the first things we learned about her,
they would put some music on and it was like flipping a switch.
(celebrating at the Fudrine July 2010)

It was a no- brainer when we decided she needed to start taking dance lessons.
It was an adventure figuring out where when and how.

Before Labor day I thought I had figured it out
but she didnt do well when we went to go visit.
It was too chaotic and she just shut down.
So we came home and regrouped.
We decided to take her to the studio big sister danced with for many many years.

pardon me while I walk down memory lane....
Bog sister with Dorothy Lister in 2004

We have history with these teachers,
one of them actually teaches children with special needs.
I am still a little hesitant because the time is not good for us.
Little G typically naps from 2-5 every day. We have to leave here at 2:30 to get to dance class by 3 and we will end up getting home at 4:15 at the very earliest.

I guess I will be playing it by ear,
trying to get her down for a nap at noon-
napping beforehand
then the following week trying napping after class until supper?

Papa being greeted by our new ballerina.

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  1. Oh, she looks so sweet in her dance clothes! I wanted Sammi to take a dance class and went to sit in on one a while back, and she also completely shut down. She doesn't do well in group settings where you're expected to *do* something. So I haven't tried again yet. I just might not. Good luck with the nap thing. Wow, she takes a long one!! Girly likes her sleep. :-)


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