Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A sketch

we find something
calling out to be drawn
take a few minutes to sketch it out.
I wasnt able to join along yesterday
thanks to the back pain Ive been having.
Little one is sick today
but while she was napping I sat down and sketched these adorable little ballet slippers.
So thankful for the little feet that wear them.
Ive blogged about her dance experience thus far.
It is not stellar.
But I am hanging on to hopes that
given time
the dancer inside her
is able to blossom and bloom
like she has.
I have dreams for this little one
I will not let go of those dreams so easily........
Im waiting to find out what we will do with our sketches this week.

Giving it ALL to God.
Laying it at his feet.

I remain,
Under His wings,


  1. Under His wings and in His hands~ I can see that you have been struggling and that the Healer has been here. Sweet.

    I love these sweet ballet slippers. You are a lovely sketch artist! You were able to translate the feel of the slippers into your piece. I adore it!

    I can't wait to see what you choose with paint... :)

    I have a terrible problem with my back - life long scoliosis and get weekly deep massage and physical therapy, it really helps. Ice is my friend, too. I am with you in this back issue more than you know!

    love to you sweet friend~

  2. I love your sketch, too! Your daughter looks like she enjoyed her class :) I can see what a gift and treasure she is to your mama heart!

  3. Oh, I loved the ballet slippers with paint, but I missed the initial sketch--it's gorgeous! It's been too long since I sketched, and you're inspiring me to get out the pencils...


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