Monday, September 26, 2011

Not sure if you can tell
Ive been doing a lot of house keeping on the blog homefront.
Stick with me
and I promise I will have things looking even better in a few days.
I am tagging older posts since Ive mixed everything together and stirred it around.
(well blogger did that when imported my other sweet little blog over. )

Wont you take a walk down memory lane with me?
I saw on Facebook this morning that the Council in Ecuador has lifted the hold on the adoption agency we used.
I am so glad that their story didnt look anything like ours
I have been concerned.
I am praying that this helps the families and the children.
be reminded,
I understand.
I remember the pain of adoption.
I remember the cost.

turn it all over to Christ,
He knows the pain of adoption
and the cost.
He paid the price.

Allowing grace and healing....
I remain
Under His wings,

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