Saturday, September 3, 2011

A gift

I post on my "from the heart" blog on Fridays what I have been creating each week.
When I uploaded the photos the sock Im knitting
and my art journal pages
two photos uploaded that I had never seen before.
Pictures that are dated July 26, 2010.
If youve been reading my blog for awhile you will know that I was in Ecuador then.
These photos arent really that spectacular.
In fact I really dont care for them.
Especially the one I am in....
I am talking....
using spanglish to help the facilitator take the picture,
holding little G standing in a chair,
"yes the green button. thats the one. Verde. Laughing".
Look at my sweet little G.
Her watching the lady at the Childrens Council office.
It was a very hard day,
we were dropping off a "gift" to an important lady that could help our papers move quickly.
It brings to mind the families that found out this past week that they are in a very hard place with our adoption agency.
We found ourselves in these same hard places time and time again.
I hurt for them because I have REALLY "been there done that."
Over and over
and over
during that year and a half waiting.
"The council meets next week,
they will be signing off on your papers.
Get the money ready and start planning your trip."
Some of you were there.
You remember.
You saw the grief.
The emotional upheaval.
I warned them.
I was very careful though.
I know that the Director has a good heart.
She does care about the orphans, the ones with special needs.
There were times, many times that things shouldve been done differently.
I will not be the one that hinders adoption.
But things need to be done differently.
Sometimes if you are too optomistic and share too many details,
families get hurt.
Maybe God brought these photos out of hiding as a reminder
what he can and will do in spite of others.
He is passionate about the orphan.
Heaven help you if you cause the orphan or widow to cry out to Him.
I know a God-gift when I see one and THIS is definitely from Him.
These photos...... that was the hardest week of the adoption
Papa was home in America.
God was faithful.
I learned what God-in-me can do.

later yesterday afternoon
He only proved the point,
it was indeed a gift......
several hours later when I was at the computer my foot got tangled up in the charger cord. Bringing the camera crashing down onto the tile floor.
Those photos would have been thrown away with the camera
we would have been none the wiser...........

Have a blessed long weekend with your loved ones
Not sure if I will have holiday photos to post on Tuesday or not!?

Little G got her new glasses yesterday
I would LOVE to share photos of her with them on.
Maybe son can show me how to upload cell phone photos......

I remain,
Under His wings,


  1. Oh, gosh sorry about your camera!!! Glad for your surprise discovery, though. :-)

    I'm really sad to hear that there are issues with the adoption processes of people trying to adopt from that area. I hope things get ironed out. I keep hearing stories like this from all over the world, and it's heartbreaking.

    Can't wait to see G's new glasses! Do you have text capabilities on your phone? If you do, just e-mail the pictures to yourself and then you'll have them as attachments in your e-mail.

  2. hi there anna! nice to meet you! just tonight saw your comments on my blog post! where do y'all live? we live in lynn haven (panama city) florida! with our son in pensacola for college, was just wondering if you are over there! you have a beautiful family! are you on facebook too?

  3. Thank you Anna for your honesty and heart. I am just thankful to know that you have been in our shoes and you are on the other I can see the other side of this mess and know that we will have her home soon...God willing....I'm thankful I have two other families to venture this as well and all three of us mentioned tonight how much this reminds us of your situation....can't wait to see G's new glasses....tell dear son to hurry up and teach you! LOL


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