Tuesday, September 20, 2011

details on the dance class

I posted pics yesterday-
just didnt have time to give the gory details.
Plus, ignorace is bliss.
Who wouldve wanted to read how MUCH it didnt meet my expectations
WHILE seeing such great looking photos.

see how much this little one is enjoying Gs presence.
I cropped that out of the photo we will be sharingthis is the one grandma will see.

its time to sit?
No thank you.
I will dance in front of the mirror instead.

I am feeling the need to post about it
you and I both know how looks can be deceiving......
at times I see your family's little blog, the great adventures etc.
But I dont get the FULL picture because I am not livin' it.
It looks all pretty and glossed over, so "happily ever after."
I am not saying that anyone holds back intentionally to deceive others.......
It just looks different in black and white typeset and pretty pictures.
I know there are those of you out there right
walking a hard road for one reason or another.
That leads me to think about today......
headed home from Moms Bible study
such happy thoughts about the great little group of women
gathering together to read, study and learn together.
How sweet the group is.
we enter the room giggling and talking
then we get to a place of sharing
walls come down,
it gets real.
Youd never know looking at that group of ladies in the parking lot
were the same ones
that cried and shared during that time together. ........

I want my blog to be real like that too.
I want you to know what reality is, most of the time,
I know we arent supposed to compare our children or situations.
But lets face it, we are human,
it happens.
I want to be an encouragement.
I know what its like in the DS world.
The adoption world.
even more interesting the DS adoption world.
So Im willing to say,
this is my reality.

So, here goes.
Little G was a mess.
Dont get me wrong-She LOVED dance class.
She wanted to dance where and how she wanted.
There were 5 little girls two of which were only two years old.
I went into the studio and helped the teacher explain to little G about sitting on the circle and she picked out a blue one.
I stayed in there for just a little while as they started acting out stretching movements to the little song. As they progressed from one exercise to the next little G had her own ideas of what should be going on in the classroom and screeched "NO!" whenever the teacher tried to convince her otherwise.
Then you have one of the two year olds screaming and crying on the floor. I stepped in again and got little G back on her blue spot and reminded her to pay attention and watch her teacher-
this happened several times during the first 15-20 mins of stretching floor time.
mommy sending Papa a text, "little G is proving to be a hand full during class."
Papa replies,"Figures."
Then him texting me once class was over,"Well?"
Poor guy.
She has a lot to teach us.
She did a great job when it came to hopping across the room and galloping like a horse.
As long as she was allowed to join in with the other little girls when it was their turn or make up her own timing.
Even shoving them when she felt like it was her turn again.
The teacher found me after class afterward and told me it wasnt going to work out.
Let me tell you, I was devastated.
I nodded my head and listened to what she had to say.
Once the conversation progressed she did say
We could try a private lesson or two
or even me coming to class with little G for several weeks to see how she does.
I was so thankful that she regrouped and decided we could try it
I was left to wonder if maybe the headmistress hadnt warned her of our attendance?
Maybe next time I should request the teachers contact information to pave the way in advance?
I am new to this. I assumed the headmistress would relay our conversation to the teacher
Ive contacted the company that made the music CD requesting a copy
Maybe little G and I can listen to it over and over while practicing the stretches?
I will now get to go to dance class on Monday afternoons.
Yes, me personally, in class.
I will keep you posted on our progress.


  1. Oh, Anna, I'm so sorry it didn't go as planned. And I feel bad about my comment on your last post. :-( I tried Samantha in a dance class. Once. Didn't. go. well. at. all. Can't remember if I blogged about it or not, but yeah, she wanted nothing to do with it. So I haven't tried again yet.

    I hope I'm not coming across as one of the sunny blogs...when I post pics, I definitely post the good ones, the cropped and edited ones. Leaving out the crossed arms, the defiant stances, the pouts. If I don't include words, it looks particularly sunny. LOL

    (((hugs))) Little G is still a BEAUTIFUL little ballerina!!!

  2. Sorry.....sometimes it is just hard. And that is reality.......

    BUT she is beautiful in her tutu and tights!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  3. Becca, no harm done in the least! I KNOW this will all turn out okay in the end. Little Miss priss does have a tude but I love to think that she will need to have a strong spirit to survive. This was on my heart. How I wrestle with how our life looks to others, the stares that little G never sees, but I do. You know, reality.There are families out there choosing this, like we did. I want to be transparent for them. When you add the orphan stuff in with the DS it becomes a definate bird of a different color. thank you for the {{hugs}}

  4. oh, man. I know. I am so angry at the teacher for saying it wouldn't work out. I mean, okay, maybe she had reasons but for a class that has two-year-olds in it? her expectations for behavior should be really really really low.

    can you shop around, maybe find another studio? I took Abby to a mom-and-me dance class a while ago, which was pretty good. The instructor was open and everyone was with their mom, not just her. her behavior was still not so great but...I don't know, it was okay. Although we didn't go back for the next session. (Mostly because it was inconvenient, though.)

    also, I know what you mean about blogs that show only the good side. I don't like that. I understand it, but....


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