Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Very hunrgy caterpillar

I read to little G often,
Always a book before bedtime.
I LOVE that she is starting to sign with me while I read.
I think I have even mentioned that several months ago she started asking for a "signing time" video by topic, " Happy birthday" she will sign over and over, "rainbow" or "family, grandpa"or one of my favorites "frog.Where? What?" you get the picture. Last night she climbs up in "purple bed" as she calls it and signs "butterfly" over and over. I had read a baby hardboard book called goodnight butterfly several nights in a row so I asked her if we could read a different butterfly book and pulled out "the hungry caterpillar "by Eric Carle. She is doing sucha great job at signing the words she knows with me and loves the holes in the pages.

I am now wondering if she really meant hurt tummy,
and sick when she signed them.
(remember when the hungry caterpillar ate all that food!)
Or was it a coincidence?

She didnt eat supper with her usual gusto.
(I thought it was all the crackers brother had fed her earlier.)
This morning little one had a very angry tummy.
Made us all so sad.
By noon she ate a pepto bismol tab and started to perk right up.
A Saltine cracker every 15 min then a bowl of rice at 3.
No fever and no other tummy troubles.(no lower gi)
I dont know what to think.
(it was 48 hrs after her first dace lesson)

I am thankful
for the mocking bird serenading us this morning,
the door was open with the A/C on to air out lysol smell and germs.
I am praying she wakes up from her nap good as new.

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  1. I hope she woke up feeling better!!! Sometimes it's just something they ate that makes them feel sick and gives them an upset tummy, and sometimes a nap is just the right medicine.

    I love the Hungry Caterpillar. A perfect book for children to learn from. I'm so happy to hear that she's been signing so much! Oh, communication is just soooo important. Please give your beautiful girl a BIG hug from me and Samantha, okay??


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