Friday, September 9, 2011

Sneek peek Friday

this week I thought I would share some progress I was making in my art journal.
Mine looks completely different than what I am seeing on the internet.
BUT its mine. I am doing lots of healing through this journal....
I can see it on paper and feel it in my creative soul.
Junelle mentioned morning glories being a favorite spot for one of her lambs
I just had to play in the paint a little to see how my morning glory mess would look.
They are one of my favorite flowers - for sure!
This week Ive been thinking alot about Ecuador
processing a little more of what I saw while I was there.
What it felt like to come home to my safe haven
and leave the little ones
I have to tell you that I am haunted by their faces.
I am having to accept grace
it was supposed to be a daytime and night time view of different areas we saw.
I added way too much green here.
I still like it alot.
I got carried away with it....... and had fun.
Id like to try it again.

Our weather has just been remarkable the past week.
I have been so blessed by the dry air and cooler temps. (80's)
Little G and I went on a walk yesterday.
It was so beautiful.
We got to a neglected overgrown lot down the road
there were several vine type weeds growing
purple, orange and red trumpet flowers.
Little yellow flowers on a carpet of weeds.
The sulphur butterflies were dancing all around .
There were other kinds of yellow orange and brown butterflies too.
Little G kept signing butterfly.
My heart felt like it was dancing with them.
I could hear hummingbirds chattering away
cardinals and chickadees.
We stayed in that spot for quite awhile.
Letting all the noise and cares of the world float away.

Come join us over at Studio RJU as we
Share what weve been creating this week!

I remain
Under His wings,


  1. Beautiful work--in paint and with Little G. Makes me smile to see such an uplifting post.


  2. So glad you are just being you in your journal...I absolutely loved each of your pages that you showed. I am impressed with your day and night views of the Ecuadorian city and countryside...I don't have the patience for that level of detail - yet :).

    Blessings on your weekend!

  3. Your journal is looking beautiful Anna! I just love the night view in the middle photo. The glow of the city is gorgeous! How fun to spend time in such a special spot... full of little visitors to watch, full of beauty!

  4. Beautiful work...a great place to capture your memories! POP ART MINIS

  5. I love your journal pages, Anna. The hurting you witnessed is pulling on your heart. The healing you are finding as work through the pages - so good.

    I felt like I was there with you and Little G, in that quiet, peaceful spot :)

  6. so lovely to peek into your art journal and so happy to hear the process is blessing you.


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