Monday, May 16, 2011

An Artist- I can feel it today!!!!!

"The artist is a receptacle
for emotions
that come from all over the place:
from the sky,
from the earth,
from a scrap of paper,
from a passing shape,
from a spider's web.”
-- Picasso

to be painted.
clear off the "creating" table.
wipe away the dust,
the "things to do"
Wood glue
broken ness
waiting to be made whole again.
White crisp paper
the tooth waiting to grab the colors.
Empty water basin
a layer of time
waiting to be washed off.
It has to be felt
taken apart,
petal by petal,
leaves dissected
then put back together.
In color.
and hues.
Strokes of the brush
capturing the movements
pulsing through the veins
re created
where time cannot reach

-Anna Wallis

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  1. so beautiful to read your coming back into your creative juices my friend. So happy to meet you and thank you for your beautiful comments over on my blog:

    MUCH love, Robin


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