Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Long weekends

Long weekends are so good.....
Ours was FULL.
P took off on Friday to prepare for "Insulation Installation."
Our A/c unit is actually small for the square footage of our home since we finished off the back room before moving in in 2004. He and E worked on it on Friday and Saturday. It was a hard job. I didnt realize that once it was done that I would have a job of my own. THere was a haze across the main living area and ev.ery.thing. was covered in white dust. (little G and I went out for the afternoon because it was just not possible to stay here. My oldest daughter came over, middle son and fiancée joined us for supper and we dusted, put a radiator in sons car, an a/c fan in fiancée's car- we meaning all the men people. I made a simple chicken stir fry dish and daughter had brought home made chocolate chip cookies.

Sunday we went to first service.
Did some grocery shopping.
I napped all afternoon.
Couldnt figure out what my problem was.....
Husband grilled chicken and I made sides.
Little G played in her "geen poo" (LOVE it!!!! green pool for those not saavy in G speak!)
Then the mommy proceeded to get sick.
Dont know why.... go figure.( maybe thats why I slept the day away?)
But all our wonderful Memorial Day plans went out the window.
I was more than sad.
We were going to have a larger than usual family outing to the cemetery and then the Naval air museum.
(my sister and twins are staying with grandpa. She had surgery and theyve packed for Germany. Here for a week. Then to Ga for the summer with our parents. I really want to spend time together before they head to Ga this weekend. sigh. But I am REALLY funny about getting out when Im not 100%.)
Still dont have my sea legs back today.
Been praying with all thats in me
that its not contagious- and little G doesnt get it.

Under His wings,

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  1. (Tried to comment on your other blog, but Blogger isn't letting me)

    I hope you feel better soon, and Miss G stays healthy!! These photos are sooooo precious - love her! Glad you've got doctors that listen to you, too. This will do her a world of good. It looks like your little girl is truly thriving. :-)

    By the way, thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog!!


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