Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A year ago......

Its mid May,
June is rapidly approaching and I want to spend the next few months really posting about our experience.
I hope that the memories come flooding back.
I wish things had been different.
But they were how they were supposed to be.

A year ago,
The Mothers Day message brought my heart to its knees.
God is just SO FUNNY!
He has such a sense of humor!
I love how he pursues me.
And how He used my talent to bring her home.
A little at a time.
Just as we needed a bit here or there.
He provided.

And if youd like to imagine with me,
We knew that we would be traveling
to Ecuador
to go meet sweet little G.
I am thinking that the Tias had started showing her photos of her family. (she had been given our pictures a year earlier, and waited, and waited.) I dont think they showed her our photos over the long ordeal. But I KNOW that by May they were possibly starting to prepare her for her new adventure.
So here is a photo of little G seeing her family for the FIRST time. April 2009.(since I dont have pics of her looking at our photos in May 2010.) today I am celebrating what she must have felt to see hew family for the first time.

I wonder if you are brought to tears like I am so see that little face again?
She doesnt even look the same.
She is so soft now.
My sweet little darling.


  1. Beautiful little thing, growing up so perfectly with you! I bet it's just amazing watching her change over the year she's been with you.

    Love your header photo, btw!!

  2. I remember heart break.....tears....
    AND THEN GOD BROUGHT REJOICING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praise God she doesn't look the same because her parents are no longer in a photo album- they are LIVE! They are her family!!! Now....she knows what that is :)!!!!!!!!

  3. She is your sweet little darling and I have been so honored to tag along with you on this journey from beginning to end ... well actually,there are so many other new beginnings to be a part of and what joy it will be to watch!

  4. Anna - I just wanted to answer your question about what camera I use (sorry, couldn't reply to your post directly) - it's a Nikon D40. For those particular shots I used a 50mm lens. LOVE that lens, except for the lack of auto-focus. :-(


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