Friday, May 14, 2010

What is God up to?

The other day I posted about making notecards.
And I am painting a mural.
And we are adopting a little girl that just happens to have Down Syndrome from Quito, Ecuador.
These are things that God has given me talents and abilities...... yes the best word is PASSION for. Now just because I have a passion doesnt mean that it comes easy to me. I struggle with alot. There, I said it. I always wanted to be an artist when i grew up. I was accepted into Ringling school of Art and Design and due to a few circumstances (which I will NOT discuss) was not able to attend. But being an artist is still a passion of mine. But I wrestle with being a "real" artist. That I have talent. Just because I want to doesnt mean I am..... do you get where I am going?
Fast forward and I am a young mother, raising a family.
Then the ability to have more is no longer mine........
(Ask my husband how many tears have been shed over that.)
Praying the Lord would remove the desire.
Back to the issues at hand.
just because I have a passion for children and being a mother doesnt mean I can.....

After all of these years I really thought we were too old, didnt have enough money, you know the list........ But God was still knocking on the door. Not just my heart but my husbands as well. If you are like me, and your husband is your compliment, you know that when you are on the same page it is God. The end. If hes not..... talk to God about it.

We can fast forward to our adoption of this sweet little girl that captured my heart over 20 months ago...... you can look back and read our history. Its been hard. I am an artsy girl not a paperwork girl...... So God dangles this carrot before my nose for me to learn, "hey this isnt my passion. But I CAN do paperwork." I may be an artist but I CAN use that to get from point A to point B. He is working on creating a new self image. And I dont know about you dear friend but that is good. It is very very good. I said awhile back ago that this isnt about adopting little G. this is about so much more........ the Journey my friends.......

Today the lawyer is meeting at the consulate to start Gs visa process. They took her picture and asked more details and today at 10am Ecuador time they will be starting this...... simply amazing.

I have painted on walls.
But nothing like the magnitude of the mural in our church nursery.
This is BIG.
I walk in and it seems like that wall grows each day.
Im serious.
Ask my daughter- it is!!!
But I was willing to say, " I need to do this for Grace.
I know the little meager budget we have cannot support this adoption.
But I CAN do something about it.
I am willing.
Lord use me, use these gifts and talents.
Hopefully one day soon I will be able to show you a picture of it.
Dangling that carrot........

We found out that our accommodations had fallen through and the airline tickets had gone up. So, Linny asks what we are doing for fundraisers and I thought to self. "we tried this before and it didn't work out so well. But I am going to step out in faith and try it again. I cant sit here and do nothing but fret about our situation. I NEED to go meet my daughter. Im at peace about Gods timing mind you, But I need to do something about this."

You can look back and see the note cards I put together.
I ended up having to research BULK envelopes.
I now have orders for 42 SETS- meaning FOUR HUNDRED AND TWENTY cards and envelopes! Not to mention a few extras for my BIL to display.
And thats just orders as of bedtime last night.
I'm not being a complainer in the least but I need Gods strength to get this mural done and get these note card orders together. ( and CRAZY ME is praying in _______ more!)

this new creature he is working on.......

Im starting to like her.......
I always wanted to be like her......

I think I am an artist........

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