Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Growing and stretching

I dont have much time before I dash out the door today but I want my fellow bloggers to know that God is continuing to grow and stretch me in areas of my life

I hope its okay with you that I am that honest.
God has dangled a little carrot named Grace before me for almost two years now and this would be about the time I said,"okay, this is not fun anymore. I am ready to start something new."

But we all know that
a child
is not a watercolor painting,
a child
is not a knitting project,
a child
is not a sewing project,
a painting or remodeling project,
a mural in the nursery,
or notecards that need to be printed, boxed and mailed
hey, not even a flower bed.
This is a child......
and not just any child I might add.
this is our sweet little G.

ALL of those things I listed are real tho.
things I have hanging over my head
I try to buy airline tickets,
figure out money issues to pay for the next steps in the adoption,
and find accomodations.

Husband is not happy.
Typically his secretary handles his trips and she does a much better job than I am presently.
She makes sure he knows all the little details months in advance for even just a day trip.
And here we are talking about leaving in two weeks to be gone for 6 weeks out of country.
I am trying,
really I am.
maybe I should hire her?

Instead of the mantra in my head," I just cant do this. I just dont know how."
I keep reminding myself that I CAN do all things through Christ.
Christ is with me and I know he will not let me fail.
I just wish I could go hide my head under my pillow until its all over......

Thats the whole truth.

But do I want to really miss it?
When He has all these things to grow me and create me into this new woman?


  1. We all get stretched--inside and outside--through growing a family through adoption. There are so many needing us and one has chosen you. You are right--God's Spirit is in you and around you growing you through all this. Think about the time when it will all be done for a few minutes at a time...and you'll know it's all worth it.

  2. PRAYING this stretching will Bless you in the end. Pray that you get everything figured out. Praying God's guidance.

  3. Big hugs Anna. You will get through this journey.


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