Friday, May 28, 2010

Drumroll please..........

I know........
you've been waiting......
On the edge of your seats.
Without further ado........
Woodbine United Methodist Church Nursery.
You cant tell but the peacocks are painted with Iridescent paint..... perfect in the infant room.

The Zebras are my favorite and I put them in the infant room since they are black and white. See the bunnies too!

This is my daughter adding the finishing touches on the doves. I love having someone that can "see" your vision even when you don't have words. I think my favorite part of this project was all the alone time we had together. Just before bringing home her new sister. She will be giving up her "only daughter" position/title. She will never give up the title of firstborn.

Tomorrow I will get better pictures. She took pics with her hubby's camera when it was all complete and the room was put back together. I wanted some of her working.... glad I took them. Her pictures are such huge documents we couldn't get them loaded yesterday.
The pandas, sheep and penguins...... SO adorable!
Then the giraffes and camels....... I am in love.
I sobbed.
Can I just tell you that I am proud of it?
Not prideful.
Just pleased.
Just the thoughts of her children and our little G playing in there....... a dear home school friends daughter is expecting.
The thoughts of our grandchildren playing together.
In this room.
It took four long hard weeks but I pray Its something that leads others to the Glory and Promises of God. What a story. To step out in faith when others are mocking you and build a ship....... because of a FLOOD??? Noah. What a man. I smiled in my heart yesterday. It was raining at my house and right down the street nothing...... I thought. "there is a rainbow somewhere..... Maybe I'm right under it."
Only a week to go till you-know -what!
Tomorrow is our last Sunday with our church family.
I remain,
Under His wings,


  1. Oh, Anna!! Absolutely stunning! Can you come to my house and do some work?!
    You are one talented lady!
    In Him,

  2. Stunning, indeed! That is amazing!

  3. Oh the joy your gift must bring to others! Freely you have been given, and here we see you freely overflowing God's gift through you to others. Beautiful! Delightful! Glorious reminders of a GREATER GLORY, our Lord Himself...I am so happy to know He is going to continue to overflow through you in the life of little G. Our lives are indeed having an impact, one life, one decision, one moment at a time! God bless you and give you much fruit as you live for Him.

  4. That is amazing! You and your daughter are so talented! The children will enjoy their animals for years to come - such a wonderful blessing you have given to future generations!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment Anna! looking at these pictures, I am in awe! Wow!! Stunning work! Great job!


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