Monday, May 3, 2010

What a weekend!

Im not sure if I mentioned that my In -laws were coming to visit. They arrived on Friday. They have ended up staying with my daughter and her husband since they have an extra guest room and bathroom. I am hoping mom and Dad feel comfortable. I have been feeding them lunch and cooking supper each night. Spagetti and the works the first night, ur favorite Mexican restaraunt the next night, I did baked chicken last night, hamburgers on the grill tonight.

Mom taught us how to knit. The girls loaded up and went knitting at Kings sewing and knitting on Saturday afternoon. When I got there the room was filled with women chatting it up and enjoying a rainy afternoon catching up on the weeks latest. There were seats reserved for us and I found out why! My dear friend Micki had a present for Grace and family...... She had mentioned she was embroidering a sampler for Grace, a few months ago I told her not to get it framed just yet. I really didnt think we were going to be completing our adoption dear friends. I wanted her to be able to easily rip out the name if need be. God has been faithful. Our prayers have been answered. Of course seeing it was beyond words for me. let me explain. Of course we will keep Graces first name. its so fitting. It is what she is used to and really hasnt even been a consideration. In Ecuador they name the children with mother and fathers last names. Obviously she will take on our last name. When I thought about middle names I wanted her to be part of the family and gave her my middle name. That was my fathers mothers middle name as well. But just understand that even though the name has been picked for quite awhile I have never written it out or seen it in print. How appropriate and meaningful to see her name like this for the first time. I will never forget that. Tears were shed by all. Even though she told me not to cry...... I rarely listen to directions you should know! Ha ha!

Sunday was Law Enforcement Appreciation day at a local church. We go each year for Paul to represent his Department. her gets a beautiful plaque, they have a beautiful service, luncheon afterwards and have door prizes. This year E, my youngest, won one of the door prizes. A 13 lb basket of feminine goodies....... Hair, facial, hands lips, nails, pedicure, calendars and pretty pen and key chain to name a few of the things.......OVER THE TOP GOODNESS. So I got mothers day a week early. I am separating stuff out to share with Mother in law and daughter..... just too much for one woman!

I was teary during the pastors sermon.
It was on Nehemiah.
He talked about Moses, Noah and Nehemiah... leaders.
I was so moved.
It was a timely word.
My husband has had some really
really difficult things happen in his workplace this last week.
I feel like I am partially to blame.
Part of my job is to be interceding on his behalf.
As his wife I am to be his cheerleader and I have allowed myself to be distracted by the adoption.
Please pray for us.
I know that he will handle this appropriately and just pray that it will be okay.
God is in control.
I remain,
Under His wings,

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